Surprising results of CxO Poll

We just participated in a survey of C-level executives who were asked “What is the one most important issue (challenge, problem, etc.) for your company this year?”

There were 168 different responses from 938 respondents. We tallied the results and the number one most important issue is (drum roll please)…

VALUE. That’s right, value. The price alone of your product/service doesn’t matter, nor do the merits of your product/service itself that you sell. It’s the combination of both that provide the value. And without value, you won’t be selling much.

Some readers ask “how do you measure value?” Unfortunately, that can’t be explained in one email or blog entry; you’ll need to meet with your Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Chief Information Officer (CIO) in order to develop the necessary Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and in turn, develop a means of capturing and measuring the data.

If you don’t have a CMO or CIO, please feel free to Contact Us to help you find an appropriate source.

PS – Did you know?  Matthew “ROI” Stern is available for Public Speaking engagements, including Presentations, Seminars, Workshops, Panels, and more. Bring more ROI to your company and your customers. He can be reached at Matthew ROI Stern. Here’s what one of his audience had to say:

GREAT! AWESOME! You blow them away in style, focus, and the ability to convey the information. – Matt Dye, AC Coin Slot Service Co.

Thanks for reading this edition of StrategizeIT. TransformIT. ProfIT ™. We hope it provided you with some value. Please feel free to forward this to your clients, colleagues and friends who may be interested in both providing, and receiving more value in their company.

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