How do you know if you’re truly secure?

Whether or not you outsource your technology and IT security, if you were to ask  “Are we secure?”, what do you expect you would hear? A recent poll of local businesses found that everyone was emphatically told “yes”.

However, the more important question is what is your yardstick of measure to confirm this? Your security could have gaps, discrepancies, omissions, and assumptions that make it ineffective – or downright risky. Since we all rely heavily on our IT in order to keep our business viable, we can’t afford to just “roll the dice” and move on without a proper assessment.

The safest approach is to use a 3rd party to confirm the findings. By 3rd party we mean any group other than those who design and maintain the security. This could be a different department in the same company or an outside source altogether.

Without using an objective 3rd party to test all aspects of your Security Plans, you may be making risky assumptions that could be quite costly to your business. This is not an insult, but a fact of human nature – those who perform a function cannot final test it, due to their inherent knowledge and assumptions about that function. It’s like the old adage says, you need to look at the situationwith a fresh pair of eyes”.

If you’d like to learn about analyzing your overall Security and its potential risks, please feel free to call us at (855) GET-MY-CIO option 2, or email us at We provide objective and comprehensive 3rd party Security Evaluations and Planning among other services.

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