Matthew Stern addresses Nassau County Bar Association

Nassau County Bar Association

On Thursday May 31, 2012, leading consultant and advisor Matthew “ROI” Stern CDP CCP CCE addressed the Nassau County Bar Association with Cloud computing – Is It Right For Your Firm?

During this “Dean’s Hour: Lunch and Learn“, Mr. Stern dispelled many of the lies, myths, and rumors associated with “The Cloud”. Attendees found out that (a) it’s not for everybody, and (b) it’s not a substitute for local computing resources. In this seminar, the attendees learned about the various forms of “The Cloud”, what they do and don’t do, along with their respective pros and cons. The takeaway was enough of an understanding to make a logical decision if Cloud Computing is right for your firm.

Accolades included “Very Edifying, Interesting and Informative” from Floral Park based attorney William Corbett Sr. Another attorney noted “I enjoyed your presentation very much.  You are quite skilled at it (as opposed to many speakers I’ve heard who aren’t) with regard both to substance and style. I felt that my time with you was quite well spent.” Barbara Kraut , CLE Director of the Nassau Law Academy added “Cloud Computing – is it Right For Your Firm was a timely and interesting program. Dean’s Hours have become an integral part of the Nassau Academy of Law curriculum and your program reinforced the concept of what a ‘lunch and discussion’ program should be. On behalf of the Nassau Academy of Law, thank you for your presentation and participation.”

Matthew “ROI” Stern, CDP CCP CCE has been helping the business community for more than 25 years. His firm, The CIO Source, Inc. specializes in providing IT Insight, Strategy, and  Management  to small and medium-sized firms that have technology but don’t have a full-time CIO (Chief Information Officer). By working with the clients’ in-house or outsourced IT department on a fractional basis, their CIOs find ways to reduce the client’s costs, improve performance, mitigate risks, and increase profits.

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